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digicon has strong industry expertise in a number of key vertical markets and specializes in addressing the complete range of strategic and technological issues including:

   digicon Document Conversion


digicon team will convert documents from any source including paper, microfilm, as well as optical and other digital formats. We can convert images from other imaging platforms as well. We can pick up your documents for scanning and bring them to our secure facilities, or we can set up a scanning operation on your premises. We then deliver the data in the format you require on virtually any media, including CD-ROM, magnetic or optical disk.

More than just conversion

 Our comprehensive solutions not only includes document conversion, but full conversion planning and consulting services. We sit down with you to determine the best strategy for your conversion project, including storage solutions, file format choices, and indexing structures to maximize efficiency of image retrieval. We can provide conversion services only, or we can integrate the conversion solution into our software suite of imaging and document management solutions.

   digital Magazine Solution


dDMS System preserves the essential magazine reading experience by offering the same layout,  content,  and  advertisements  as  the print version while  also  improving accessibility,  reach  and  convenience  for  the  consumer.  This  combined  with  digital functionality, including search, hot links, easy storage & retrieval and send to a friend. makes the experience compelling and truly interactive.

   digicon E-Commerce Solutions

(d - ECommerce)

Whether it is B2B or B2C Today, major corporations are rethinking their businesses in terms of the Internet and its new culture and capabilities. We help customers conduct their business on the Internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing and collaborating with customers and partners.

As Internet platform are prevalent and affordable, the demand for new applications, such as "electronic commerce" that enable customers. digicon E-Commerce Solutions help companies capitalize on these evolving opportunities from strategy through to implementation.

   digicon Content Management System


By utilizibng dCMS web enabled solution through our strong partnership with Ektron & others CMS partners that enables companies to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and maintain content-rich Web sites. By streamlining the Web publishing process, we can reduce the need for costly site maintenance, empowering business users to manage their own content.

Our software tool is designed for non-technical users to easily manage full website content. Manage articles and categories, multiple writers and editors. Upload images, format content with the WYSIWYG editor, syndicate your content, and more. Saves a busy webmaster hours of tedious HTML edits every day.

   digicon Enterprise Application Integration


We leverage your "Current IT setup" by applying our dEAI solutions to put new life into your legacy systems by integrating disparate applications together while creating new services for your customers, which saves money and attracts new customers.

   digicon Enterprise Information Portals


Leading organizations, especially those with large and diverse workforces, have realized that the web is a powerful tool for improving internal communications, increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing the effectiveness of their talent base. digicon has developed significant expertise working with clients in defining opportunities for value-creation through enterprise portals, and executing solutions that users genuinely appreciate and easily use.

We provide a single gateway to a company's information and knowledge base for employees, customers, business partners, and the general public as well. Our portals include access/search, categorization, collaboration, personalization, expertise and profiling, application integration, and security. This will also involve government solution requirements including G2C, G2B, C2G, B2G and G2G. dEIP specializes in creating advanced portals infrastructure that are directed to the unique needs of users profiles in different communities, location and regions.

   digicon Business Process Automation/Work Flow


Through dWFS, we offer companies the unique opportunity to change the way they do business by automating their internal business processes and tasks. The most obvious returns on investment would include increased efficiency, lower costs, improved customer service, quicker time to market and greater competitive advantage.

  • Decrease your operating costs

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

  • Expand your market reach

  • Increase your revenues

Our dWFS Workflow Solutions team helps clients to streamline and simplify their business processes. We work with clients to build solutions that maximize revenues and profits, improve efficiency, and streamline workflow for field-based personnel, thus improving efficiency and profitability.

   digicon Document Management System


Implementing sophisticated Enterprise-wide dMS solutions improves organizational agility and efficiency by:

  • Supporting timely decision-making throughout an organization.

  • making the information available wherever and whenever it's needed

  • Managing the content lifecycle from creation to publication to archive.

   digicon Customer Relationship Management


Through Electronic Customer Relationship Management, digicon provides a successful fusion of customer relationships and business requirements. It involves development and implementation of thorough cross-channel solutions including acquisition of new customers, up selling and cross selling of new products and the integration with loyalty and retention programs.

   digicon Banner Management System


digicon Banner Management System (dBMS) is a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site. Banners can be displayed on your pages via SSI or JavaScript tags. Multiple groups can be created, this allows you to organize your banners rotations with ease. Unlimited number of banner ads can be placed within each group. Banner keeps track of exposures and each click-through per banner, as well as tracking lifetime stats. Banners can be "weighted" to control how often they are displayed.